A Digitized Tradable World

iOlyWorld is a digitized gaming world where all items are NFTs. Buy, sell, auction, and swap your virtual life socially, for fun, with friends.

4,000 Unique Small Estate Home Plots

  • Unique digital 2d and 3d artwork
  • Private Discord group for landholders only
  • Raffles for token packs deployed for in-world play
  • Exclusive AirDrop of Prime NFTs in iOlyWorld
  • Early access white list for next phase of land in iOlyWorld
  • Early Access to the iOly Token Drop
  • Vip exclusive access to iOly real world, virtual events, and festival
  • Exclusive access to iOlyWorld AR application
  • More surprise Member Perks to be revealed



iOlyWorld Demo (NFT Swapping & preview of city center)

We will release a demo of our city center and NFT Swapping.


iOlyWorld Land Drop

We will be releasing our land drop so the community can own their very own piece of iOlyWorld


iOly Token Release

We will be releasing our very own iOly token as a currency to be used within our world.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can we get project updates?

We have a discord group where we do project updates.

When is the mint date?

The mint date will be revealed soon. Please join the discord for updates.

How do I join the discord group?

Hit the link above for the discord group. After admin verification you will be given access.

What is the size and price of an iOlyWorld land parcel?

First Land Drop is 4,000 3x3 Small Estates = 9 parcels at 27.78 for each parcel. The land parcels close to the city center and roads will be a percentage higher. This percentage will be determined and announced soon.

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