A Hybrid Entertainment

Gaming Experience

Be Part Of The “Virtually Real” Digital Revolution.

Welcome to iOlyWorld!

Are you ready for the most exciting adventure? iOlyWorld is more than a Game, a Series, and a Console…. Experience the Adventure and join our vibrant community!

Step into the extraordinary universe of iOlyWorld, where reality seamlessly intertwines with virtuality, promising an adventure unlike any other. Are you prepared for the thrill of a lifetime? Here at iOlyWorld, we're not just creating games; we're crafting an entire universe ripe with boundless possibilities waiting to be explored. Join us as we spearhead the digital hybrid Metaverse revolution, shattering conventional boundaries and unveiling a realm where imagination reigns supreme and limitations cease to exist.

But hold on, there's so much more to discover! Immerse yourself in our innovative ecosystem and unlock many advantages to redefine your gaming experience. From cross-platform accessibility, to ensure inclusivity for all to our groundbreaking hybrid tradable gaming world. Integrating seamlessly by blending reality with virtuality, iOlyWorld offers an unparalleled gaming adventure. But that's not all – dive deeper and uncover the benefits of our actual digital asset ownership, empowering you to control your destiny within our digital realm. Additionally, embrace our innovative play-to-earn dynamics built with a dual credit and token ecosystem. Your skills are not just for glory but EXP and tangible rewards. With our vibrant marketplace, indulge in a world of digital collectibles and exclusive NFTs, each a treasure waiting to be claimed. We are a vibrant, creative player to player tradeable driven community. Ready to embark on this extraordinary adventure?

Learn more about the details of our groundbreaking experience and join us in redefining the future of gaming today!

iOlyWorld Land Drop coming soon

Land Drop: Buy a Land Plot, Earn Credits!

In the Land Drop, purchasing land within iOlyWorld not only grants users ownership of virtual real estate; it also earns them credits.

This innovative incentive system rewards users for investing in land, developing and customizing their land plot, player to player land plot trading, fostering economic growth and incentivizing participation within the virtual ecosystem. Your Land Plot is your home base to meet with other players, collect rewards from quests, and be a part of building the multiverse.

2,000 Unique
Small Estate Home Plots

Unique digital 2d and 3d artwork

Private Discord group for landholders only

Raffles for token packs deployed for in-world play

Early Access to customize your land plot

Early Access to the iOly Token Drop

VIP exclusive access to iOly real world, virtual events, and festival

Exclusive access to have anyone visit your land plot.

More surprise Member Perks to be revealed

IOLY Credits for in game play and rewards redemption

Scan with your phone

View Olly in AR

Help Olly the Otter save the multiverse!
Collect iOly Energy Crystals to unlock new areas.
Own your own land plot in iOlyWorld!
Ask Olly questions if you need help or need a new quest! If you collect enough energy crystals, he can open new portals to new biomes and new quests!
Unique digital 2D and 3D artwork.
Use iOly Tokens or buy iOly credits to purchase cool items in game and in the real world!

Say Hello to the Guardian of iOlyWorld: Olly the Otter!

Olly is an interdimensional Otter and Guardian of iOlyWorld. He has been able to keep parts of the multiverse stable, but he needs help. Help Olly save the multiverse by completing quests and reestablishing balance in iOlyWorld. Don't let the multiverse fall into chaos, he needs your help! Collect crystals so he can open portals to new areas and save iOlyWorld and the multiverse from the disturbances that are trying to destabilize it.

The first area that he has been able to stabilize is the Grasslands Biome within iOlyWorld. Explore the area and complete quests to earn crystals, credits and rewards.



Foundation (2022)

Established the groundwork for
iOlyWorld, laying the
foundation for a revolutionary
gaming ecosystem.


Platform Launch (2022)

Successfully launched the
iOlyWorld platform, introducing
users to a hybrid
mixed-reality gaming world.


Strategic Partnerships
with Boba Network (2023)

Formed strategic
partnerships with a leading
blockchain partner, enhancing
interoperability and expanding
our reach.


iOlyWorld Demo (2024)

(NFT Swapping & preview of
city center) We will release
a demo of our city center
and NFT Swapping.


iOlyWorld Land Drop (2024)

We will be releasing our
land drop so the community
can own their very own
piece of iOlyWorld


iOly Token Release (2024)

We will be releasing our
very own iOly token as
a currency to be used
within our world

Our roadmap reflects our commitment to pushing boundaries, pioneering new technologies, and delivering unparalleled experiences to our community.

Future Objectives:

Enhanced Features: Continuously enhance platform features, introducing new gameplay mechanics, NFT integrations, and community initiatives.

User Growth: Experience exponential user growth with a thriving community of iOlyans investing and believing in the iOlyWorld experience.

Expanded Ecosystem: Expand the iOlyWorld ecosystem with plans for mobile app development, AR integration, and cross-platform compatibility.

Market Expansion: Drive market expansion through targeted marketing campaigns, strategic partnerships, and user acquisition initiatives.

Innovative Solutions: Explore innovative solutions, such as additional services, advanced blockchain technologies, and virtual reality experiences.


iOlyWorld “The digital gaming entertainment revolution!”

Are you ready for the most exciting adventure… ever? Welcome to iOlyWorld, where reality meets virtuality in a unique fusion of gaming, entertainment...

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iOlyWorld partners with Boba Network

Fast Speed, Low Fees, Consistent Trading

Partnering with Boba Network, iOlyWorld pioneers blockchain interoperability, revolutionizing how transactions occur across multiple blockchains.

With this exclusive collaboration, users experience lightning-fast speeds and minimal fees, ensuring a seamless trading experience like never before!

Boba Network's advanced technology seamlessly integrates with iOlyWorld's platform, allowing users to engage in transactions with unparalleled efficiency and convenience.

Whether buying, selling, or trading digital assets, iOlyWorld users can now enjoy enhanced liquidity and accessibility across diverse blockchain networks.


iOlyWorld is a hybrid mixed-reality tradable gaming world that integrates desktop and mobile applications, augmented reality (AR) experiences, captivating animated series, and digital wearable sales via NFTs.
What sets iOlyWorld apart is its complete integration of diverse components, cross-platform accessibility, true digital asset ownership, innovative play-to-earn dynamics, and Boba Network interoperability!
iOlyWorld ensures true digital asset ownership by leveraging blockchain technology, allowing users to own all their digital assets, including in-game items, virtual real estate, and more.
These assets are stored securely on the blockchain, enabling users to freely trade, buy, sell, and swap assets with minimal risk of fraud or loss.
Yes! iOlyWorld is accessible from various devices, including desktop computers, mobile devices, game consoles, and augmented reality (AR) applications. This cross-platform accessibility ensures users can enjoy the iOlyWorld experience regardless of their preferred device.
In iOlyWorld, the play-to-earn model allows users to earn rewards by participating in games and other activities within the platform.
Players can purchase tokens and compete against each other or AI opponents to win prizes, creating a dynamic environment that incentivizes continuous participation and earning opportunities.
Users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs through the platform's digital marketplace. Transactions are conducted securely using iOly tokens, with a 2% transaction fee applied to all trades.
iOlyWorld generates revenue through various streams, including digital collectible NFT trades, advertising, iOly token transactions, and sponsorship integration opportunities. These revenue streams contribute to the platform's sustainability and growth.
Transactions within iOlyWorld are highly secure, thanks to blockchain technology and robust encryption protocols. Users can confidently trade, buy, sell, and swap digital assets, knowing their transactions are protected from fraud and unauthorized access.
iOlyWorld offers a wide range of events and entertainment venues, including live concerts, sporting events, educational seminars, and more. These events are ticketed through digital collectible NFTs, providing users with unique and immersive experiences.
Yes, users can participate in iOlyWorld's community initiatives by joining events, engaging with content creators, and contributing to the platform's growth. Community involvement is encouraged and plays a significant role in shaping the iOlyWorld experience.
Investors and early adopters can get involved with iOlyWorld by purchasing iOly tokens, participating in events, and supporting the platform's growth initiatives.
By joining the iOlyWorld community, investors and early adopters can contribute to its success while enjoying the benefits of being part of a groundbreaking project.
Users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs through the platform’s digital marketplace. Transactions are conducted securely using iOly credits or tokens.
We have a discord group where we do project updates. Join discord group